🚀 Testnet Guide — Alpha Road one-click AMM

Alpha Road — The road to your ⍺ on StarkNet

Dear Alphas,

We’re excited to introduce you the first product of Alpha Road: a one-click revisited AMM.

This guide will help you to setup your wallet and discover Alpha Road.

Community translations of this Guide:

Install ArgentX Wallet

(You can skip this step if you already have installed Argent X)

To use Alpha Road on StarkNet, you will need to get your Argent X wallet chrome extension here.

After creating or importing your account, make sure to have configured the network to Goerli Testnet.

Now you will need to mint some TEST playground token. They are worthless and only available to play with dApps on StarkNet.

Hint: if you’re not able to mint through the Argent X Chrome extension you can use the mint faucet portal.

Now you’re ready to dive into Alpha Road.


Testnet Link: https://testnet.app.alpharoad.fi/

We introduced a whitelist concept for the launch on the Goerli Testnet. We want to consider and give credit to every feedback for the first days of born Alpha Road. This is capital for us!

Alpha Road — Whitelist

But don’t worry! We iterate fast 🚀 In coming days we will release new batch slots. Make sure to stay tuned on our Twitter.

Once you clicked on “Access to Bêta” your wallet address will be added to the whitelist and you’ll be able to access Alpha Road Bêta at anytime.

Mint faucet tokens

Congrats 🎉 You’re now registered in the whitelist and have exclusive access to Alpha Road. The first thing to do is to mint some tokens to interact with the AMM.

Dead simple just click on “Mint tokens” button.

Mint tokens

You’ll receive 1000 arfETH and 1000 arfBTC to play with our protocol.


You can now make a simple swap. For example trade some TST tokens for arfBTC.

✨ Guess What? It requires only ONE transaction thanks to multi-call support.


We introduced a Pool overview permitting user to have a big picture of all the available pools, their volume, fees and APR.

Pool overview

Add liquidity

Add some liquidity and see important information such as your pool share and the # of LP received. Again everything is done with only one user transaction.

Add liquidity

My liquidity

On the “My liquidity” tab you’ll see the current pool on which you provided liquidity.

If you click on “Show” you’ll have details of your position and an easy way to withdraw your liquidity.

My Liquidity view / Remove liquidity


So here we’re Fren. In a very short amount of time we shipped a complete one-click AMM with great revisited features. LP can have an overview of all protocol pools and also a clear understanding of their positions through “My Liquidity”.

Your feedbacks are precious. Please share them with us and the community: https://discord.gg/RvqcZa64JU

⚠️ Last but not least spread the word with a Tweet to help our community to growth: SHARE ⚠️

About Alpha Road

Pioneer in DeFi L2 solution — Alpha Road aim at maximizing user investment returns by providing next gen DeFi experience and bespoke financial products.

Become an ⍺ and join us during our road. Make sure to follow and stay tuned. Big news are coming soon (like very soon):




An innovative DeFi platform on top of Starknet

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Alpha Road

Alpha Road

An innovative DeFi platform on top of Starknet

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